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I serve high functioning individuals who feel deeply, live thoughtfully and strive to create a more meaningful life. 

While it’s not easy to be vulnerable and process painful experiences, it is the only way we can heal, find joy, meaning and purpose in life. 

Here’s how I can support you:

Grief and Loss

Losing a loved one is a traumatic experience and it takes time to process and integrate the loss into the life you are still living. I help you feel supported with tools to cope effectively.

Endometriosis Support

Those who suffer from endometriosis feel as though their life is on hold and are more likely to experience depression and anxiety. Learning self-compassion and mindfulness is key to this whole body approach, which works to calm the central nervous system and help restore the body to balance.

General Counseling 

Whether you’re suffering from a lack of clarity or significant trauma, I’m here to support you. Gain a loving and objective perspective of everything going on in your life.

Perinatal and Postpartum Mental Health

Whether you are experiencing the excitement of a new pregnancy, coping with the heartbreaking experience of a miscarriage, or facing the challenges of infertility, I am here to provide specialized maternal mental health services to support you on your journey.


Whether it is finding a new romantic partner or strengthening a preexisting bond, everyone can improve the quality of their relationships. Together, we can navigate issues such as starting or ending a relationship, divorce, and navigating feelings of contempt, anger, resentment, infidelity, and more.

Life Transitions

Life is full of transitions, unexpected or unwanted events. Difficult or impactful life changes, such as moving to a new area, relationship transitions, child rearing, or career changes can all be very challenging. I can help you manage the stress and emotions that come along with it.

Chronic Pain

Recent research has shown that while chronic pain is real, it is often the result of learned neural pathways in the brain; so just as pain can be learned, it can also be unlearned. I can provide support in breaking the cycle of chronic pain by means of Pain Reprocessing Therapy and with the help of somatic tracking which combines mindfulness, safely appraisal and positive affect induction.

Healing starts with a safe space

I look at healing as a whole, using a holistic and integrative approach that considers your emotional, social, spiritual and physical well being.

I address the interconnectedness of one’s mind and body while also working to understand which treatment modalities will be most effective and helpful for you.

I use psychodynamic and attachment theories as a framework of which to base our understanding. Positive psychology, existential therapy and mindfulness-based approaches are also a big part of how I work and help people. I also use CBT and DBT tools to help with strategies and day-to-day struggles. 

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How it Works

Step 1

First, we’ll schedule a phone consultation so we can determine if we’re a good fit. We'll talk about what brings you to therapy at this time and what you'd like to work on together.

Step 2

Then, we’ll schedule our first appointment and get to work.

Step 3

From there, we'll set a time for weekly therapy, starting your journey with clear goals in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long are the sessions?
    Sessions are 50-min sessions and are conducted virtually on a HIPPA compliant web platform. This way, you can do sessions from wherever is most convenient for you!
  • How often do we meet?
    Sessions will be held weekly in order to create an effective working relationship and give you the results and progress you are looking for. We may decide to meet more frequently depending on your unique situation.
  • What are your fees and do you take insurance?
    Session fee is $250. I am an out-of-network provider, which means, at this time, I don’t accept insurance. However, at the end of every month I’m happy to provide you with a superbill needed to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. I recommend calling the number on the back of your insurance card to determine your out-of-network coverage and individual benefits.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    The full fee is charged for missed sessions or appointments canceled with less than 24-hours notice.

Begin your journey to healing, today.

I’ll be honored to provide you with a safe and trusting relationship where you can explore your past and transform your present.

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